Is Using DOTA 2 Game Booster Service Cheating?

One of the biggest controversies plaguing the world of DOTA 2 is the use of mmr boosting services. A lot of people think that if you do not spend hour after hour playing this highly addictive game then you are somehow someway cheating. There's actually quite a bit of truth in that thinking. Let's face it, DOTA 2 is a very competitive game. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to know how to play the game properly, to get a feel for game mechanics, so you can not only do well but also dominate.

It really would seem quite unfair when somebody just hires a service provider to boost their overall game results while they themselves did not put in the time. This definitely seems unfair to guys who spent hour after hour in front of their TV or console or PC playing the game. Seems like a simple open and shut case of game morality, right? Not so fast...

There are always two sides to any argument, and I would argue that whether you hire a booster service or buy and use a booster pack or retain a service provider to boost your account level, these activities may not be all that bad.  

Just look at what you stand to lose if you try to play the game the normal way. Of course, the normal way is to spend a huge amount of time playing the game. It's a tremendous amount of fun, I will give you that. But, the problem is that you have to consider what are you losing in exchange for all that fun. 

You're sacrificing something big - it's called your LIFE! 

You have relationships to maintain, you have responsibilities to live up to, if you're a single guy living on your own you probably have rent to pay. You see where I'm coming from? And unfortunately it's too easy for guys to really lose themselves in this game.

I have seen this a lot! In fact, it happened to me. There was a time where I spent a whole week playing DOTA non-stop. I'm talking about barely getting up because I was so drowsy from lack of sleep. It got so bad that I really fought myself really hard to not go to the bathroom. The game is that addicting! I know you probably don't need me to remind you of this very serious fact.

Considering that DOTA can be such a massive magnet or, in the eyes of many people, blackhole of your time, retaining the services of a DOTA 2 game booster service provider might not be all that crazy of an idea. If anything, it might even save your life.

Think of it this way, if you spend tons of hours playing DOTA 2 and you failed to do your homework or coursework in college, what do you think will happen? Similarly, if you would rather camp out in front of your console and play DOTA instead of going to work on time, what do you think will happen? Finally, if you lose your job or you get kicked out of school and lose your scholarship money, do you think your landlord (or anybody who requires payments from you or in some form depending on you) would be happy? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the answers to these basic questions.

Unfortunately,  a lot of people who have become DOTA addicts are completely blind to this. They think that they need to play the game at a very pure way. They think that they have to invest a ridiculous amount of time so they can achieve real levels of progress in the game.

As a purist and as a person who believes in integrity, I totally agree with you in regards to doing it yourself. The problem is I'm also a pragmatist. You also have to be practical. While there is a lot to be said about doing things the natural way and earning the character level that you are shooting for, you have to balance that with the other realities of life. The reality is, if you spend too much time on DOTA, the rest of your life will start falling apart.

In the beginning, you probably wouldn't notice. In the beginning, the worst inconvenience you probably would suffer is that you can't rush to the bathroom whenever you feel like. However, eventually things will start caving in on you. The rent will come due, you might get fired from your job, your girlfriend might leave you. All sorts of small disasters can pile up very quickly. Eventually, you might even reach the point where you start losing weight, you stop taking care of yourself, and it goes on and on and on.

Now, you might think that I'm describing the story of some dude that discovered heroin and how awesome it was. You might think that I'm describing the typical pattern of somebody who got turned on to crystal meth or cocaine. Well, there's actually quite a lot to be said regarding drug addiction and video game addiction. They share one thing in common, it's called ADDICTION.

You see, whenever you are in a situation where you're getting some sort of physical and mental reward but the rewards are not evenly spaced out and they vary levels of intensity, the end result is very predictable. The end result of course is addiction. You have a serious problem if you can't stay within one hour of your time budget for video games every single day 

If you see yourself falling into a pattern where you tell yourself that you're only going to play DOTA for 30 minutes and 30 minutes quickly turns into 1 hour, 1 hour in turn turns into 3 hours, which then turns into 8 hours, you know you have a problem in your hands.

Sadly, too many people make excuses for themselves. The classic excuse of course is that I'm not really leveling up my character in an honest way if I hire a game booster service provider or I buy booster packs. Well, slow down. We're not talking about your character as a person, we're not talking about your personal integrity here, we're talking about your life.

This is basic life management. You have to invest your time in things that would have a higher rate of return. Investing in your family and your relationships, definitely have a higher return than being one of the top characters in DOTA. Similarly, investing your time into proper training and diligence at work can pay off tremendously, not just now in the form of rent money but also in terms of your career. You see how this all works out?

Sadly, a lot of this is lost to people who are addicted or in the middle of becoming addicted. They see using boosters or some other time saving arrangement as a cap out or a form of cheating. This really is just an excuse. You are in denial, you need to look at your addiction straight in the eyes and recognize it for what it is. Otherwise, you're not going to achieve any kind of progress overcoming your addiction.