Why Paying for DOTA 2 Booster Packs Makes Perfect Sense

Usually, I'm the type of guy who likes to do everything by himself. You probably met a guy like me before or maybe you're just like me.


D-I-Y or do it yourself guys don't like to buy packages that are pre-assembled. They don't like to buy furniture that comes already in one piece. We're the type of people that like to break things apart, figure out how they work, and put all the pieces back together again. In fact, it is during times when stuff we reassembled don't work or encounter a glitch that we truly get excited. When those situations happen, we get the one thing we crave the most-an opportunity to solve a problem and brainstorm.


This philosophy has served me quite well in many different areas of my life and I thought that this was going to work for me when it comes to DOTA 2. Boy, was I in for a shock!


You see, DOTA 2 is probably one of the most addicting games on the planet. Seriously! You can just spend hour after hour after hour on this game and it would feel like you haven't spent enough time on it. That's how rich, multi-layered, and amazing this game is!


It's no surprise it has millions of fans all over the planet. The problem of course is if you have a normal life. What I mean by that is if you have a 9-5 job, maybe you have a family, and you have all sorts of other obligations.  How can you squeeze in the 5-8 hours of DOTA 2 addiction that would satisfy your gaming needs? Quick answer: you can't!


The reality is, most of us hardcore guys with families and other hardcore DOTA 2 fans who have other responsibilities have to budget our time. We really don't have the luxury of time of just camping out in front of the computer or console and just plugging away from dawn to dusk and back again. That lifestyle would be great if you're still living with your mom and dad or you're in college but it's definitely a lousy idea if you are trying to keep your job or keep your marriage intact.


The thrill of the game and the lure of convenience


This is why the whole idea of DOTA 2 mmr boosting packs is quite problematic for me. Just like any hardcore fan of this game, I need to get my hands on a DOTA 2 booster pack as much as possible. As you probably already know, these booster packs enable you to get some premium items that can customize your character and improve your game. At the very least, it gives you a much coveted status in the game. The problem here is if you are trying to earn these booster packs, it can take forever! This is why I strongly suggest for people who don't have the luxury of time to consider buying a DOTA 2 booster pack instead of trying to earn it.


Sure, earning it seems like it can be quite a bit of fun and it is. The problem is you're just going to run out of time. The way the game is set up, you really have to put in quite a bit of time to rack up enough points to get a booster pack. Also, if you are playing with people that really know what they're doing, they can slow your game down.


You see, this game is very competitive. The pace at which you progress depends on how well other people are playing. If you're playing against a super addict who really puts in the time and camps out of the game weeks on end, kiss your chances of getting a quick DOTA 2 booster pack in a reasonably sane period of time goodbye. Do you see where I'm coming from? So, you might want to set your ego aside.


I know most guys are probably thinking, "Well, given enough planning and the fact that I really know this game like the back of my hand, I should be able to rack up a huge number of booster packs". If you're thinking a lot of these lines, all I can say to you is STOP. Listen to yourself! You're not being realistic. If you have other responsibilities and obligations to deal with, focus on those and budget your time responsibly. That's the bottom line.


To fall into this temptation of thinking that you can quickly and efficiently rack up points for a booster pack is simply being unrealistic. In fact, it can be dangerous not just to your career and your income but also, to your relationships. I can't count how many girlfriends who've left their boyfriends because of DOTA 2 and nothing is worse than your wife giving you all sorts of unnecessary grief and drama as you try to get your game down. Do yourself a favor and restrict your game time to something reasonable.


One hour per night is plenty for most guys but very unfortunate for those of you who thinks that you have to earn your next DOTA 2 booster pack. The addictive side of your personality might kick in and one hour can quickly turn into 3 hours, which can then turn into 8 hours. I hope you see where this is all leading.


Do yourself a big favor by the bullet and set aside your ego and just buy booster packs instead of thinking you can earn them. If you still can't shake the tempting idea of earning these packs yourself, here's one final alternative. I mention this option at the very end of this article because I don't think it's realistic at all. Still, it is an option and if you are blessed with a tremendous amount of will power, maybe, just maybe, this option can pan out for you. Still, it wouldn't hurt if you tried as many different options as you can in managing your DOTA 2 game time.