What do you get from Dota 2 Coaching?

Have you been spending a huge amount of time on DOTA 2 and feel that you are not at the level that you deserve to be in? Have you been missing out on a lot of the other important things in your life like your relationship, your career, and your business projects because you have simply been investing too much time in DOTA 2? Do you feel that DOTA 2 is very exciting but you really can't seem to make a breakthrough?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you might want to consider hiring a DOTA 2 Coach. These are people who have this extremely popular and addictive game down cold. They have put in hundreds of hours if not thousands of hours mastering DOTA 2, so you don't have to. This is great news for most of us mortals. 


Let's face it! Most of us have lives to attend to. We have children to raise, we have careers to nurture, we have relationships to cultivate, we have businesses to grow. In other words, we have a normal life.

However, DOTA 2 is also very engaging and very addictive. How do you navigate the two? How do you strike a happy balance?

Well, a lot of guys try to go about it the wrong way. They think that as long as they mentally commit to playing DOTA 2 for about an hour everyday they're perfectly fine. Well, they can probably stick to the schedule the first few weeks, eventually, they will start slipping.

I've seen this happen quite a bit to my friends and even to myself. In the first few weeks, you would go into DOTA, play 1 hour and you can then responsibly log off. It doesn't take much effort to log off. You're still on the ball and you are playing the game in a very adult and responsible way. 

As the weeks pass by, a lot of the details of the game really get to you. You start getting drawn by so many details and you're just heavily engaged. You reach a point where you get so emotionally invested in the game that 1 hour quickly turns into 90 minutes. In the back of your mind you're thinking, "Well, it's just 30 minutes that I've gone over my limit, that's no big deal." You're able to stick to the 90-minute limit which is officially 1 hour for a week until it turns in to 2 hours, then it turns to 3 hours. Eventually, you end up feeling that you stepped into quicksand. The more you struggle and the more you feel bad at the fact that you're spending all this time on a video game, the harder it is for you to let go.

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, don't feel too bad. There's no need to be ashamed. This happens to the best of us.

There are of course two ways to deal with this as I've mentioned. You can try to stick to a time limit and I'm telling you right now that's going to be a losing proposition because most people don't have iron wits. Some people have strong will power and they are able to resist and put up at some all sorts of stuff for a long period of time until they get their reward.

Most people are not like that. Most people haven't mastered the art of delayed gratification. If you're like most Americans, you want your stuff now and you want it big. You see where I'm coming from?

You want things bigger, faster, and cheaper. Thankfully, in many areas of life this is possible. However, when it comes to DOTA 2, this is a wrong approach. It's not gonna happen that way. You have to put in the time. You have to be disciplined. You have to learn a lot of things firsthand. This of course takes up a huge amount of time.

Time is your most precious asset because you can convert it into many different forms. You can invest time in your body and come out looking chiseled. You can come up with a body that looks like that of a Greek god's. You can invest time in your intellect. You can read a lot of books, talk with smart people, debate online, and do all sorts of college boosting activities and come out as a more credible and authoritative person. Do you see where I'm coming from? Time is the building blocks of life.

Money on the other hand is very limited because there's only a small range of products and services that money can buy. This is why it's really a tragedy that people are all too eager to waste their time. They think that time is free. They think that there's more where that came from.

I'm telling you right now, once a day passes, you're one day closer to dying. That's right! You're one step closer to the large black screen in your life that says GAME OVER.

You have to invest your time properly so, the whole idea of thinking that you can impose some sort of time limit into yourself when you play DOTA is really wishful thinking. This is where coaching comes in.

Effective DOTA 2 coaching, will help you not only figure out the tricks of the game so you would be able to achieve a higher level faster, it would also help you manage your time better. You would learn key strategies that would enable you to maximize your time. Instead of doing the same stuff over and over again, you can try to kill 3 birds with 1 stone. There are many strategies that would enable you to fulfill many different objectives in the least amount of time possible. This way, you increase your motivation, you are able to stick to your time limit, and likewise, lead a productive life. 

Coaching is crucial because these people made mistakes so you don't have to. These people have put in the time, so you won't have to. They know how the game works. They know the best way on how to achieve certain objectives.

By leaving things to the expert you end up freeing more of your time. When you have more time, you'll be able to achieve better results in other areas of your life. Not only would you be able to play DOTA with a clear conscience, but you can also see better results at school, at work, in your business, or any other area of your life. The best part is they're not struggling and losing motivation like other DOTA players. Since you're under expert coaching, you'd be able to step your game up to a high enough level that winning becomes second nature to you. You see what effective DOTA 2 coaching triggers is the power of momentum.

In the beginning, when you're just trying something new, chances are you will stumble. Chances are it will be very hard for you to get off the fence and actually try. The good news is the more you try something, the better you get at it. You'd be able to learn from your mistakes and it takes less effort starting rather than stopping. That's right!

You would be able achieve so much expertise in a short period of time and this can lead to you decreasing the amount of game time you put in everyday. Why? You'd be able to achieve a lot more results with less time than you did previously.

Previously, you spend hour after hour playing DOTA only to come up with disappointing results. Now that you have benefited from expert coaching, you spend less time but you walk away with more satisfaction.