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Are you tired of your teammates keeping you down? Do you want to play at a higher level, learn and improve while still having fun? Dota2Boosters offer MMR Boosting for all servers - no matter the MMR! Safe, Secure and Fast. We have decades of experience with boosting in many different games - We live and breathe gaming. 

Why you should choose Dota2Boosters

Choosing us for your boost means choosing the #1 Dota 2 MMR Boosting Service. We have been voted the best at what we do plenty of times throughout the years, and more recently for our Dota2 boosting service. We provide better service, the best boosters in existence and a fully functional website where you can track your orders, communicate with your boosters and much, much more! When you choose Dota2Boosters you choose the best experience and here are some reasons why. 

  • 100% Anonymous. With years of experience in the online gaming industry, we know how much anonymity means. Our Dota 2 Boosters will never speak to anyone on your friendslist, he will never admit to being a booster and he will treat your account as carefully as he would his own. We can also utilize tools such as "Appear Offline" so no one knows your account is online. 
  • The safest boosting service. Dota2Boosters make all their boosters use a custom VPN that cannot be traced back to a boosting service. Our VPN do not keep logs so it would be impossible to detect or retrace for anyone. In addtion, we have plenty of safety measures in place that our competitors do not, making our website the safest possible choice among all the boosting websites. Your details are stored on a secure server and your username and password is ONLY avaible to the ONE booster who is assigned your account. 
  • The best Quality. We only hire top of the latter boosters. They are all 6500+ MMR and undergo extensive trials before being they are allowed to boost with us. All of our boosters know how to climb, win games and grind to the highest ranking possible. When you buy a Dota 2 Boost with us, you are guaranteed a safe, pleasant experience with quick results.
  • The best Tools. Our Client Dashboard is one of our best features. Once you buy one of our services you get access to everything you need, right here at You can track all your orders, easy and quick, you can communicate with your booster via PM's or instant chat, you have a notification system so you can always keep track of everything, you can pause your boost, contact an admin and much more! 
  • Watch and learn. As an added bonus you can watch your booster play on your account and learn while enjoying seeing your rank increase during your MMR Boost. You can ask your booster to play specific times so you can be there and spectate him, making sure to pick up on some of the plays he makes and learn from him.
  • Pause your order. When you buy from Dota2Boosters nothing is impossible. Not only can you Pause your Dota 2 Boosting order at any time, login to your account and play a few games, but anything you need, any special request or a different type of service can be requested by contacting an admin, either via Skype or Email. We will always try our best to accomdate you, even going as far as creating a whole new service system if your suggestion has merit!
How to Order

Step one

Select the Dota 2 Boosting option that suits you the best. If you have yet to play any ranked games on your Dota2 account, choose calibration matches for the best posible start to your ranked journey. If you already have a ranking and wish to raise it, select either MMR Boost or Large Order Discount. Both requires you to input your current MMR, the only difference is with the Large Order Discount option you buy MMR by the thousand and get a discount based on how large your order is. If you want to purchase less than one thousand MMR, use the normal MMR Boost option and select how much MMR you want the booster to leave your account on. Your account will always be left on exactly what you order, or a little higher. 

Step two

Choose your currency and click the Purchase button. Please note that no matter the currency you choose, PayPal will automatically exchange it for your own currency. Meaning if you choose USD and your currency is actually British Pounds, it will be converted and withdrawn from your account in your own currency. 


Step three

You will be re-directed to the sign up page where you can either login to an existing account or create a new one if you are not already a member. You will need to provide the steam information needed to boost your Dota2 account, as well as list your contact email (this is where you receipts and notifications will be sent) and you need to choose a Username and a Password that you will use when you login to the members area of our website.


Step four

Once you have signed up with our website it is time to pay for your order. You will be re-directed to a PayPal payment page where you can either pay directly with a Credit/Debit card, e-check, certain gift cards or your PayPal balance. You do not have to have or create a PayPal account to pay with a card, simply choose the option that states you dont have a PayPal account/you want to pay by card. PayPal is the world leader in safe payments online, and is 100% safe to use. 


Final step

Once your payment has been completed you will be redirected to the client dashboard. Here you can view your order, pause and resume, communicate with your MMR Booster when he is assigned and track your progress. 

How it works - Dota 2 Boosting

As soon as your payment has been processed your order will be available for our boosters. Payment processing is generally completed within five minutes, depending on your payment method.

Once a booster is assigned to your account, you can communicate with him via the instant chat system or send him a private message. All Dota 2 MMR boosting orders normally start within the hour, unless a client pauses the order or asks the booster to start at a specific time. Unless you request a different booster, will keep only one booster to your order throughout the MMR Boost. This promotes account safety and gives you and the booster a chance to become acquainted. When you purchase your next boost, you can request the same booster, or try a different one. 

All the boosters we hire for Dota2 MMR boosting - as well as our other games - are professionals that will do their best to complete your order in a timely manner. They can do up to 300MMR per day on rush orders. On normal orders they are required to do at least 5 wins a day. 

Once your order has been completed you will be notified via the website. You will have a chance to confirm that the order is completed before it is closed, and you can rate your booster and write a comment to an admin if you have any reccomendations. 

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Awesome job, very nice guy

hunter randolph

Faster than EternalEnvy throwing games! Great booster :)

Federico Gregori

Thanks for the amazing service!

Jae Byun

great guy, got it done quickly

Ricky King

The best!

Federico Gregori