DOTA 2 Account Boosting Can Save Your Life

I know you probably think that the title to this article is a bit of a stretch. I would argue that the title of this article is absolutely accurate. If you are a fan of DOTA 2, you would agree with me.

The fact is DOTA 2 is one of the most addictive games on the planet. Let me repeat that, DOTA 2 is one of, if not the most addictive games on the planet. The reason is simple. Even if you're not that big of a fan, it's too easy to get in thinking that you're only going to spend half an hour and stop playing only after your body has given up after 8 hours. If you think I'm exaggerating you only need to read online reports of people playing DOTA 2 for hours on end. 

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this can lead to all sorts of unwanted effects. Playing for hours on end can definitely affect the quality of your relationships. Also, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you spent too much time playing DOTA, you might not give your job or schoolwork the attention they deserve. Not surprisingly, you might assume find yourself out of a job or pulling down very low scores. Whatever the case may be you do a huge amount of time, addictive gaming takes, it's easy to see the negative effects it can have in all areas of your life.

This is why I'm a fan of DOTA 2 boosting. Now, don't get me wrong! I am a true fan of DOTA 2. You might think that these two statements cancel each other out. How can somebody who is a true fan endorse account boosting? After all, account boosting is seen by many people as some sort of shortcut. Instead of putting in the tremendous amount of hours to boost your account naturally, you're paying somebody else to do it for you

Well, I would argue that these two statements don't cancel each other out. You can be a hardcore fan of the game while maintaining your sanity and that's where account boosting comes in. You see, if you're like most Americans with a life, you really don't have the luxury of time. Seriously! There's just so many other responsibilities competing for the precious amount of time you have in a day. There's only 24 hours in a day and there's just so many things you can do. First of all, you have to sleep. Second, you have to eat. You have to get back and forth from work, you have to spend time with your family, the list goes on and on.

If you're like most guys who are serious DOTA 2 fans, you'd be lucky to devote maybe one hour to the game. As you probably already know, investing only one hour in DOTA day after day may not be enough to get you to the level that you feel you deserve to be on.  This is what frustrates many DOTA players and this is why a lot of them unconsciously slip into addiction patterns. They think they're just catching up. They think that they're just putting in just a few minutes here and there. Oh well, guess what?

This type of thinking leads to a very predictable pattern. You start off with a few minutes and for the first week you do quite well because you stay well within your one hour budget. After that week passes, you pass one hour and then now it's taking you an hour and a half to get your DOTA 2 fixed. After that, you completely let go of all sense of self-control and you just play until you are tired. You see where I'm going with this?

It's too easy for this game to take over your life. This may sound melodramatic, this may sound overly alarmist but, it's an absolute fact. How many times have you said to yourself that you're going to sit down for a 'quick game' of DOTA 2? It starts out fairly innocent enough. You may have even gone to the bathroom at the right time during this early stage. Sure enough, as you get more immersed in the game, you find it harder and harder to peel yourself off the seat you're in. Forget bathroom breaks, you start ignoring even phone calls from your girlfriend, wife, significant other, or even kids. Eventually, you just give up and just dive into DOTA 2. Sound familiar? 

If you don't want your gaming activities to take over your life, pay attention to account boosting.

Account boosting is not cheating. Sure, it may seem like cheating. Sure, it may seem like you're getting some sort of unfair competitive advantage but you can safely side line all those thoughts. Your life is more important. What you do with your time is the most important decision you would ever make in any 24-hour period. Use your time wisely!

Sadly, as pleasurable as it may seem, sitting in front of a computer or a console for 24 hours straight playing DOTA 2 is not really a wise investment of your time. Account boosting can help you play at a very high level and give you a really buff character without you having to slave away weeks of your time to get to that level. I think it's a very happy compromise. I know there are some Purists out there that would scoff at this suggestion. In fact, many of them would find this insulting, but I don't care.

I care more about having a life. I care more about making sure that my life is going somewhere positive If you care about what you do with your life and what you invest your time in, you might want to take a long and serious look at DOTA 2 account boosting. It's not as bad as people claim it to be. Instead of some sort of cheat, it might actually be the kind of help that you need to get your game addiction under control.