What is DOTA 2 Coaching About?

A lot of DOTA 2 Purists probably will not want to read this article. They really wouldn't. Why? It's all about cheating. Well, at least that's probably the word that they would use. I would use another word entirely. In fact, I prefer to use the word optimization. 

Cheating is as different from optimization as black is from white and up is from down. Unfortunately, there's really no sense in talking sense into the heads of Purists. Purists will always remain purists and in their minds if you are not doing things the exact same way they're doing things on DOTA 2, then you are cheating.

This really is too bad because a lot of these guys spend tremendous amount of time on DOTA 2 and I'm telling you right now, a lot of that time is simply wasted time. If you are doing the same stuff over and over again on DOTA 2, you are wasting your time.  However, in their minds, they're not wasting time. They think that they're learning some sort of skill. They think that they're putting in their dues. Whatever it is that they are saying, they're simply giving themselves an excuse for wasting the most precious asset they have.

Make no mistake about it, your time is your most expensive and precious asset. It may seem like it's free but it isn't. You see, if you spent a day doing something unproductive today  - by unproductive I'm talking about completely worthless. Whatever activity you did, did not give you any emotional payoff, there was no physical reward, there was definitely no financial benefit from it, it was a complete waste. If you did that, then you would be one day closer to death. You know what I mean?

We're only on this planet for a fixed amount of time. We don't have that many days left and if you decide to spend one day doing stuff that has absolutely no payoff, you wasted that day. A DOTA purist won't subscribe to this. They think that every minute that they spend on DOTA 2, they are getting something of value. 

Well, that is psychological. Even the most diehard DOTA fan would agree that they can do things in a more efficient way. This would free up a lot of time, in many cases, they can achieve the same objectives with less time. This is why DOTA coaching is on the range.    

A lot of people are asking themselves what is DOTA 2 coaching and why do I need it? The answer is actually very simple! It all boils down to proper time management. There is really no reason why you should spend more than 1 hour everyday for DOTA 2.

In fact, 1 hour is plenty. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that DOTA is just like a job. The more time you put in the better you get at it and somehow, some way in the future there will be some sort of reward.

Well, I'm telling you right now you're just fooling yourself because the rest of your life is passing you by. There are relationships that you need to cultivate and maintain. There is a career you're building and nurturing to bloom. There is an academic career or some sort of academic activity that would make you a better person. The list goes on and on. These are the important stuff of life.

I'm not saying that DOTA 2 is not important, I'm not saying that at all! What I am saying is you need to put things in proper perspective. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to do if you're spending at least 2 hours of everyday in front of the screen playing DOTA. You see where I'm coming from?

So, this is where coaching pays off tremendously. DOTA 2 coaching is really all about mentoring. Being mentored by people who had put in the time to master DOTA to like the back of their hands.  They know the game backwards and forwards. They're forgotten more about the game than many expert players are learning about the game. That’s the level these guys operate from. You can benefit tremendously from these peoples' coaching services because they will tell you how to do things in a very efficient way.

I'm telling you right now, 80% of the things that you're doing on DOTA right now, are completely unnecessary. At the very least they are repetitive. By simply cutting back on 80% and focusing on 20% that produces results, you can end up exploding the results you get from DOTA. This is no joke! This is not a theory! This is actual experience.

By choosing to be more efficient, by getting the proper expert coaching advice, you would be able to take your game to the next level much faster. This would enable you to free up the rest of your life. It's picking up that book you have been meaning to read all this time or going out more often with your girlfriend or wife, you can finally have the time to do that. If you have projects to do at home, like a sink that's leaking, or a roof that needs patching up, you can finally get around to do that.

I'm not saying that DOTA is bad for you, I'm not saying that at all. I'm not judging you, I'm not condemning you for putting in a large amount of time playing a video game. What I'm saying is that if you are a big fan of video games, you can do yourself a tremendous favor by minimizing the amount of time you play but maximizing the amount of results. This way you have a greater amount of satisfaction but you still have a lot more time for the rest of the things in your life that truly matter to you. You see how this all works out?

You have to look at the big picture. You have to understand that video games are just one small part of the puzzle. This part of the puzzle fits in to the other parts and if this part becomes bigger, then the other pieces in your life would have less resources. That's how it works. So, when you deal with people that help you do things faster so you can get better results, you can end up achieving better balance in your life. This really is the bottom line when it comes to the range of benefits you get from DOTA coaching. 

Sure, people who provide these services would probably give you a long list of benefits and advantages that you would get from their expert services. However, if you are going to boil it all that down, it really comes back to control. You get to reassert control over your time. You get to take advantage of the most precious asset in your life. 

You need to take this opportunity because if you were to fall into the quicksand of trying to impose time limits on yourself when you play video games, chances are it won't work. Chances are you would follow a very familiar pattern. I've seen this pattern play out time and time again. In fact, I've seen this pattern play out in the lives not only of my friends but also in my own life.

How does this pattern work out? Well, first you try to convince yourself that you can play the game for only 1 hour. In the first few weeks, you were able to stick to the schedule. Day in, day out, you stick with 1 hour. However, they will be a certain day where you get thrown off track and you end up spending 2 hours. You say to yourself that this is no big deal and this is not a part of a pattern and you resolve to spend only an hour on the game the next day.

Well, guess what? That next day never comes because 2 hours turns into 3 hours then all of a sudden it becomes 8 hours. At that point in time you stop giving yourself an excuse and you just convince yourself that you just need to achieve one more mission or achieve one more level and then you'll quit. Well, I'm telling you right now. You no longer have to play those games with yourself. In fact, you don't even have to start that process.

Arrest that process by getting an expert DOTA coach. You definitely will have yourself to thank for it later.