Dota2Boosters have decades of experience with business and online services. We have boosted for years in all sorts of games, including League of Legends, WoW, CS:GO and many, many more. Getting into the DotA 2 scene was just a natural progression for us! Because of our previous expereince we have a unique perspective and we have had the opportunity to perfect our methods throughout the years. When you purchase one of Dota2Boosters' services, you will be guaranteed professionalism, speed and safety.


Highest Quality Boosters
We only employ the best of the best at All the boosters working here are at minimum 6500 MMR. You will only have the best players handling your accounts to maximize your results in the fastest and most efficient way possible. We search far and wide to only pick up the top players in the field so that you can have the best experience possible while rising in rank! You will only have one ooster per order to maximum efficiency, and if you want a specific booster you can request him via the client dashboard after you order.


Safety as a priority
We have a variety of techniques to keep your account safe and your boost anonymous. We take security seriously and apply numerous measures to keep your account and the website secured. We have SSL certification, showing that the website is safe and encrypted - you can see this by viewing the green lock on the top left hand side of your browser bar. We will never speak to anyone while on your account, except the necessary ingame communication required to play the game. We will never tell anyone about the services you are receiving and will not reply to anyone on your friends list unless requested by you. We aim to provide you with the best experience possible while raising your Dota 2 rank.


Affordable Prices
We do our best to keep current with pricing, and want to provide you with the most affordable service while at the same time providing you with the type of quality our brand is renowned for. Having been in the boosting and online business for decades we will definitely provide you with a better, safer and more efficient service than anyone else. While other websites might provide similar services at a cheaper rate, the old adage about getting what you paid for applies here. No one else can provide the same safety and protection for both your account and your transactions with us. We are here to protect you, making sure your orders with us proceed as smoothly as humanly possible. Choosing D2B for your Dota 2 Services guarantees you good prices and the safest service.


When you are getting Dota 2 service from you are essentially purchasing quality, professionalism and an improved rating for your account. Your MMR will be higher and you can improve your skill by playing in a higher bracket than you were before. Our Dota 2 boosters are professional players who will increase your rating, and when your order has been completed you will be able to play against other players who are at a higher skill level. It is a crucial step to improvement that many often forget exists. We are here to assist you in all ways possible, improving in the game is just one of them. You should always feel comfortable when purchasing any service from us. We keep everything anonymous, safe and we always strive to provide you with the best service possible! We offer a variety of services to cater for this such as Guides, Vods, Coaching and of course Boosting! Choose Dota2Boosters and we promise you will always be left satisfied. After decades in the industry we know that the client is the most important part of the business and we are here to take care of you and your needs, regardless of if it's increasing your rank or learning the game better, we will make sure you only leave when you are 100% satisfied!

Awesome job, very nice guy

hunter randolph

Faster than EternalEnvy throwing games! Great booster :)

Federico Gregori

Thanks for the amazing service!

Jae Byun

great guy, got it done quickly

Ricky King

The best!

Federico Gregori