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Why choose a dota 2 guide from Dota2Boosters instead of the free guides flooding the web? Simply because our guides are 10 times better, much more in-depth and written by some of the best players in the world! When you choose D2B's guides, you choose the best guides on the market! Full of video content, high ranking strategies, tips and tricks as well as everything you need to know about a particular hero - our guides will help you climb the ladder and reach the top! Improvement is guaranteed!

How does it work?

We also offer mechanic guides, general guides and meta guides!

Purchasing one of our Dota 2 guides is approximately the same as having a high tier player (6000MMR+) coaching you for ~1-5 hours depending on the guide. We offer many different types of guides, from gameplay to hero specific guides as well as guides explaining the current meta, helping you learn the game. The guides we provide are all created by some of the world’s top players and they put in weeks of work to give you the perfect tool on learning the game. Get a Dota 2 guide and learn from the professionals. All our guides are jam packed with DotA 2 game play and pictures to help easier explain what you need to do to improve and become the best player you can be.

We offer guides on all the different Dota 2 Heroes - new guides are released every few weeks and if there is a guide we are missing that you want, you can contact an admin and have them tailor a guide to suit your needs!


BUYING Dota 2 Guides

Do you want to learn how to dominate in DotA 2? Are you looking to learn a specific role or hero, or do you want to master all the heroes in the game? Either way, we have what you need. only sells top tier guides written by some of the best players in the game in terms of knowledge as well as experience. All of our guides are unique and can only be purchased from We will keep all the guides up to date, so when your favorite hero gets re-worked, we will update the guide to match their new changes!

When you purchase a Dota 2 Guide from us it will teach you everything you need to know to play DotA 2 on a much higher level. Regardless of your current level, you should see an improvement in your gameplay from each guide you read through. We have a lot of experience when it comes to tailor making guides and will do our best to provide everything you need from DotA 2 game play to pictures explaining exactly what should be done in every situation! We also provide a message box so you can speak to your guide writer in case you have questions after reading their content.

Purchasing a DotA 2 Guide is very simple. We have provided filters for you to find exactly what you are looking for and you can sort by hero, by popularity, or even find your favorite author! We try make the experience as pleasant and as smooth as possible!

Once your payment has been processed, the guide will be available on your panel when you login. You will be able to browse through it, have access to the videos on the guide and will be able to start your learning experience with our DotA 2 Guides. Please don’t forget to leave feedback when you are finished so that other people can benefit from your experience!



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