How to Find DOTA 2 Expert Guide That Is Really Worth the Money

Make no mistake about it, there are so many DOTA 2 expert guide books out there. There really is. The reason for this of course, should not come as a surprise. DOTA 2 after all is one of the most popular games on the planet. You heard me, on the PLANET.

The reason is because of one thing and one thing alone: DOTA 2 is extremely addictive. I'm not saying mildly addictive, I'm not saying it could lead to addiction, I'm saying extremely addictive. You really have to watch yourself when playing this game because it can really suck you in. You might think that you're just going to sit down and play a game for 30 minutes and get back with the rest of your life. Well, that may work for the first few times you play this game.

As you get deeper into the game world and you figure out how the game truly works, you might end up enjoying yourself so much that you spend hours playing the game. The most interesting thing about that experience is the feeling that you get at the end. The feeling is that you only played an hour but then it turned out you played 8 hours. You see where I'm coming from? That's how addictive DOTA 2 is, that's why it's so popular.

Not surprisingly, there are just so many Dota 2 Guide Books out there that claimed to be expert guide books. I'm telling you right now, a lot of them don't even know what they're talking about. A lot of them share the same basic information. It's as if people copied and pasted some sort of master "DOTA 2 Expert Guide" book. It really is that bad.

You see, if you want to truly master DOTA 2, you need to go beyond a lot of the topics covered by those books. You need to focus on building effective game play systems.

What is a Game Play System?
A game play system is of course not a console. The game play system that I'm talking about is a way of playing that maximizes your time and ability to discover the game world while at the same time racking up a tremendous amount of experience. The good news is, this can be done. You just have to pay attention to how expert players work the game.

This is what a lot of so-called expert guide books completely missed out on. They think that you only need to know certain shortcuts and strategies and you're good to go. Well, I don't mean to be the one to break the bad news to you, the more learn about these techniques the sooner they become worthless.

You see, DOTA 2 is all about competition. You really can't compete all that well when everybody knows the techniques that you're going to use. Instead of becoming an expert, you just leveled up your expertise to the same level everybody is on because they're reading the same guides. Do you see where I'm coming from here? 

Instead of looking at becoming an expert based on some sort of fixed body of information, my approach is different. My approach is that you'll have to look at EXPERT and define it contextually. The context of course is actual game play.

If you are playing with other players operating at a certain level, you need to learn how to quickly pick up on different techniques that they're using and quickly work around those techniques. This requires context. This requires doing things by the seat of your pants in a tremendous amount of creativity and imagination. No expert guide book can give you a complete and thorough laundry list of all these impromptu or improvisational moves. It's impossible!

Different people have different ways of approaching the same problem. Some people are completely unpredictable, other people have to connect the dots and go through some sort of checklist. It's easy to beat people who are predictable. It's easy to get defeated by people who are unpredictable. I hope you see how this all works out.

This is why the best DOTA 2 Expert Guide Book is one that teaches you how to pay attention to contextual signals. This is the best approach. This way, instead of  thinking that you have to memorize some sort of formula, some sort of list of highly strategic moves, you can free yourself of that burden. Instead, you pay more attention to being aware of other players' operations and tactics and quickly match this up with counter-maneuvers.

Again, the secret here is not memorizing some sort of cheatsheet or list of moves but, simply understanding how tactical maneuvers operate and how to take them apart. If you're able to pick apart your competitor's tactics and strategies, you can then feed those into effective counter-measures. If you're able to think along these terms you are moving so fast and so  unpredictably it's going to be very hard for people who use expert guide books to catch up to you. 9 times out of 10 you will catch them by surprise. This is the best way to become an expert on DOTA 2.

I'm telling you right now, if you think it's doing well on this game is just all about coming up with the list, reading somebody else's list, then memorizing a set of maneuvers then you are in for quite a beating indeed. If you're like most people, it will take you several defeats before you figure out that whatever those expert guide books are teaching you is simply not working. Learn to focus more on context. Learn to focus more on improving your game on a minute by minute basis instead of relying on some sort of canned solutions.

The problem with canned solutions is that they ultimately suffer from the same problem: a one size fits all approach. Life is very complicated and life in DOTA is a reflection of different peoples' complicated mindsets, backgrounds, and experiences. There's just so many things going on and if you try to reduce everything down to a formula that fits everybody's situations, then you are simply preparing yourself for a defeat. Don't do that!

The best approach is to be quick on your feet. Read the situation carefully and hit your opponent's where it hurts. This is where proper contextual strategy and tactics work the best. By being unpredictable and more importantly by being able to predict your competitors, you increase your likelihood of being a truly expert DOTA 2 player.