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VODs - Short for Video-on-Demand. Making VODs available to our clients is something we find very important. This service will teach you how to increase your performance and play Dota 2 on a new and exciting level. You learn by viewing commentary gameplay from our top players. Depending on the VOD you purchase, you will learn the basics of the game, difficult and hard-to-grasp mechanics explained in a way that is easy to understand. Our professional players will teach you everything you need to know to climb the ladder by using the techniques or heroes that they themselves are using. During the VOD they will show you thought process and explaining what they are doing ingame. They will go in depth on what is happening in different situations during each phase of the game, and how they could have done better, or how others could have improved to make a situation work out better for their team. Some VODs will also have text on it to explain what is going on for those who prefer text over voice.

Our DotA 2 Vods are created by top tier players that are aiming to do their best to help improve your skills and gameplay so you can raise your MMR easier. They are perfect for all rankings, from low MMR and all the way up to 6000+. These VODs will not only teach you how to improve in Dota 2 in a way you never could have imagined, they are also easy to understand, explained in depth by the talented player who created the video, and they will help you increase your rank so you can reach your full potential. Please remember to leave a comment so other people can take advantage of your experience!

Awesome job, very nice guy

hunter randolph

Faster than EternalEnvy throwing games! Great booster :)

Federico Gregori

Thanks for the amazing service!

Jae Byun

great guy, got it done quickly

Ricky King

The best!

Federico Gregori